Managing Stress

01/05/10 08:28
Corporate Training Department

From a stress-management class taken while at Home Savings of America (circa 1978)


  • HSA (Home Savings), GFS (Glendale Federal Savings), CFS (California
    Federal Savings) - all are now extinct. In 2010, these institutions which were
    billions and billions of dollars 'strong', are now no more. Swallowed. Traded.
    Plundered from the top down, inside out, emptied of any value then disposed
    of upon an indifferent public in a marketplace that only the few survived in.
  • It has been more than 10 years since we dealt with them, and the younger
    (current) generation has no idea what giants they were, or how significant is
    their passing.
  • Stress? I realize that I am lucky to have experienced, grown up
    in, and to have been a part of that culture. They're gone. I survived. No stress.
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