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Jules Dervaes
25 April 2000

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Copyright (c)2000 Jules Dervaes

Three days ago, the U.S. Department Of Justice rocked the world of the Miami relatives who never dreamed that the authorities in our nation would ever, without their knowledge, actually carry out the law. Under five months of delusion, the keepers of Elian continued trifling with Janet (as Marisleysis calls her), toying with her as they did with Elian, as they did with all of us. Two minutes and thirty-four seconds of reality was what it took to end their reign of teasing. That big, "bad" raid was dictated solely by the circumstance which these lawbreakers themselves created and purposely managed. In supreme arrogance they had enjoyed, until that time, backing the government down. Yes, Bill (as Marisleysis calls him) did finally--emphasis on finally--resort to force to pry Elian out of their callous, lawless grip. But, here comes the kicker: How conveniently "nice" for them that they can come out of this portrayed by some as the victims!

In the aftermath of our law enforcement agency doing its job, what insanity is surfacing here in America? Some are now compelled to go after the enforcers of justice with a vengeance, to want to grill them incessantly, and to try to bring to their knees those who have truly lived up to their responsibility. Their babbling is a new low in this ongoing circus. Why can't political mouths finally be shut? It's because they can't stand the realization that this operation was an unqualified success. They are besides themselves with envy that others had the guts to do what they would not.

And, the media? Wouldn't they just have loved a botched rescue, or--more shockingly (for better ratings, of course)--a bloody one? Poor them! All they are left with is one detached photo--one frozen fraction of a second in a trauma that lasted 150 days. This wonderful, prized momento, they must keep cramming down our throats repeatedly. And, it has been made all the worse, now that they didn't get the long-awaited riot they wanted so desperately in order to bring on the excitement of 24-hour, blanket crisis coverage. Just think what we missed not being able to see in every detail Miami burning.

Where is the counterweight to all that pitiful whining heard on the TV about the Feds damaging this child? After all, didn't Elian have a gun to his head?... near his head?... pointed in the direction of his head?... in proximity to his head? Well, he saw the gun! Kudos to NBC News who found it worthwhile to interview an expert on Elian's state of mind; namely, his paternal grandfather called "Papi," who had worked--get this!--as a policeman for 25 years in Cuba. You and I don't know Elian; and neither does Senator Bob Smith. But this close relative said that his grandson spoke to him on the phone soon after his being rescued and joked, "The police in the United States wear funny hats." Hello! Why are some so hysterical about the marshals traumatizing Elian? Are they acting more traumatized than, in fact, Elian himself? And, these are people living in the USA where we don't live in no convent!

Is it too much to ask that our leaders, at least, cut out the silly hype? How can Congress have the almighty nerve to hold hearings to investigate Reno's action? Some are just itching to get their licks in. For crying out loud!--she ACTED in the capacity of Attorney General. Then, yesterday, there came the news: D.C. Zoo Shooting Leaves 7 Injured. Those shot, ranging in age from 11 to 16, were attending a post-Easter gathering celebrating black families.

Even more so now, spare us your hearings. ACT on some real issue in our own backyard. We don't need to listen to anymore sanctimonious drivel. All we have to know is this professional law enforcement standard: The overwhelming SHOW of force is designed expressly to prevent having to make USE of force. It is simply a matter of wisdom. Federal marshals have families, too! If Congressional leaders can not get this basic concept and fully support our police, then lawbreakers will surely get the picture and become more brazen and daring. At that point we will need all the police we can get, wearing "funny hats." So, why not have foresight and do something prudent for a change?

Jules Dervaes
April 25, 2000

SEND ELIAN GONZALEZ HOME is an International Petition that has over 18,000 entries. This online petition, started on January 2, has requested that Elian Gonzalez be sent HOME.

Please go to this URL: http://www.gcty.com/pathtofreedom/internationalpetition.html Jules Dervaes Founder of 'Let Elian Gonzalez Go Home' web site. http://www.pathtofreedom.com

2000 Jules Dervaes

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